COP-26 and Animal Representation in Climate Policy

Listen To This Show Here! [display_pod] If podcast is not displaying, you can find the archival audio here – Archive Audio (11/19/2021) News Mission and animals being abandoned Desperate farmers whose properties were flooded tried to move their animals by boat,…

Glen Merzer on Saving Both Our Health and Planet by Embracing the Power of Plants

Health and environmental advocate Glen Merzer discusses the messages in his 2 latest books: “Own Your Health: How to Live Long & Avoid Chronic Illness” and “Food is Climate: A Response to Al Gore, Bill Gates, Paul Hawken, and the Conventional Narrative on Climate Change”.

Volunteer at a Rabbit Rescue, and Filmmaker Gary Charbonneau Exposes the Pharmaceutical Industry in “The Medical Illusion: A Healthcare in Crisis”

An interview with Rabbitats’ Sanctuary and Shelter Deanna Hamm on bunny rescue and volunteering, plus a feature interview with Vancouver filmmaker Gary Charbonneau on his ground-breaking new film entitled “The Medical Illusion: A Healthcare in Crisis”.

Cooking Vegan for the Family with Easy Animal-Free Anna Pippus, and Virchew’s Vegan Dog Food Updates

A feature interview with Easy Animal-Free’s mom Anna Pippus on nourishing your family with plant-based cooking. Plus, vegan dogs with Virchew, a plant-based dog food company local to Vancouver.

Encore Show: The Thanksgiving Episode: Celebrating a Compassionate Holiday, and Turkey Stories from the Happy Herd Sanctuary

Welcome to our annual Thanksgiving Show, a rebroadcast from 2017. We talk about the personalities of turkeys with Diane Marsh from the Happy Herd Sanctuary, and share tips and advice on Celebrating a Compassionate Thanksgiving.