Save A Spider Day, & Local Social Enterprises Vegan Supply and Friend and Faux

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Respecting Our Arachnid Friends, the Itsy Bitsy Spiders

March 14th is Save a Spider Day! In this engaging and informative segment, Caroline and Alison discuss the spiders (present and past) in their lives, and how they have learned to face their arachnophobia over the years to come to a place where they respectfully co-exist with spiders, or gently “save” them and release them outside. Having a spider for a housemate for a few years in a storage room next to the kitchen can be an amicable arrangement, but sometimes it’s just time to let them go and make their way.

Caroline presents a fun, fact-filled quiz about spiders, and we learn some cool nuggets of info that you might have never known, such as: what is the tensile strength of a spider? How many eyes does (or can) a spider have? What about their hearing and sight? And do spiders have a vertebrae? (think: how  do they curl up so tiny to play dead to possible predators?) This is one Save a Spider Day radio show you are not going to want to miss! And remember to Live and Let Live our fellow creatures.

Celebrating Meat Out Day and a Meatless Meetup you are not going to want to miss! Featuring an all-you-can-eat Ethiopian buffet and prizes from 2 of our première local vegan businesses.

Meatless Meetup at Po Kong Chinese vegetarian restaurant on March 6th, 2022.

Vancouver Meatless Meetup, your local volunteer-run non-profit group, offers residents of and visitors to the Lower Mainland a variety of fantastic food-themed events where we eat an abundance of plant-based meals at restaurants, potlucks and more. Many bellies are satisfied and friendships are made in attending these events, with over 4500 members at this time. And anyone can join, for free. You can go to to find out more and to sign up!

We’re having an all-you-can-eat Ethiopian dinner to celebrate Meat Out Day on Sunday, March 20th at Axum restaurant in Vancouver!

We have a fantastic deal for this event that you won’t find anywhere else. $22 CASH gives you the dinner buffet meal (incl. tax and tip), plus an entry to 2 draws we will have for the guests of the event. The prizes are:
👉 One $50 gift card for VeganSupply Canada’s première store for fabulous vegan groceries
👉 One $50 gift card for the new cruelty-free boutique Friend and Faux, located conveniently underneath Vegan Supply. Friend and Faux sells a variety of vegan clothing, jewellry, home wares, books, personal health care products, stickers, and more!
Here is the link to rsvp NOW as seats are going quickly!
🤩 Celebrate veganism for Meat Out Day and eat some tasty veggies with like-minded people! 🥳

Jason Antony, founder and owner of Vegan Supply and Friend and Faux

Your one-stop shop for everything vegan! Located at 250 E. Pender Street in Vancouver. Ships worldwide.

We have 2 wonderful grand prizes to do a draw for at the Meatless Meetup dinner (mentioned above) for all the guests in attendance, and our prize sponsor is our generous and local vegan stores Vegan Supply and the new cruelty-free boutique called Friend and Faux.

For our future interview today, we have Vegan Supply and Friend and Faux‘s founder and owner Jason Antony on the show to tell us more about the stores and the goodies you can find in them if you were win a grand prize gift or just want to come and check it out.

Jason also shares his own vegan journey story and how he came to be an entrepreneur to create retail spaces as social enterprises that would serve the community while abiding by his vegan ethics.

Friend and Faux, the new cruelty-free boutique featuring vegan clothing, personal care products, home wares, books, bags & more!

He also shares us his well-seasoned insights as to how the vegan cheese industry has ballooned in the past 5 years to become what it is today, with so many artisan vegan cheesemakers creating toothsome and desirable plant-based cheeses that are convincingly better than the original dairy version! (no dairy cow cruelty, of course!)

Vegan Supply offers the largest selection of vegan cheeses in any store in Vancouver, and, likely, Canada. So if you think you couldn’t be vegan because you’ll miss dairy too much, or if  you’re a vegan who says you “miss cheese”, fear not, and just head over to Vegan Supply’s website (shipping worldwide) and stores to see what they currently have on offer. Their line of products are always growing, with over 3500 at this time! Or you can visit both Vegan Supply, and the cruelty-free boutique Friend and Faux, both at 250 East Pender Street in Vancouver.

Helping Animals in the Ukraine

In this segment, we speak about some of the animal rescue stories coming out of Ukraine at this time of war, and recommend animal rescue groups who are working on the ground now to continue to do their work.

Thank you to our Toronto-based animal activist friend Marni Ugar for sharing a number of reputable rescue groups and the way they can be supported with funds at this time. Here is collated list, as shared on Facebook:

At a time when the news is heartbreaking, showing suffering of animals and humans being bombed in Ukraine, a few links to guide donations.

This show was produced by Alison Cole and co-hosted by guest host Caroline Carnerie with researched contributions.