Encore Show: Volunteer at a Rabbit Rescue, and Filmmaker Gary Charbonneau Exposes the Pharmaceutical Industry in “The Medical Illusion: A Healthcare in Crisis”

This show will re-broadcast on the radio on Friday, February 4th, 2022 at 100.5fm Vancouver Co-op Radio in Vancouver, Canada. Or, you can now… Listen to this show here! (also available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play)

To start the show, we discuss a recent published study with results that show that people who eat a diet primarily of fruits and veggies had a 40% chance of suffering from mild symptoms (as opposed to harsh symptoms) when they caught COVID-19.

Deanna Hamm, Manager of the Richmond Rabbitats Sanctuary and Shelter – Help a bunny today!

Volunteer at Rabbitats!

Our first interview is with Deanna Hamm. She is the Richmond Sanctuary and Shelter Manager for Rabbitats, our local 100% volunteer run charitable organization  whose mission it is to help abandoned and feral rabbits. You can listen to our previous interview with Sorelle Campbell, founder of Rabbitats, here.

Deanna has been a volunteer with Rabbitats almost from its inception. She maintains the Richmond shelter and the care of all of the colony and adoptable rabbits. Deanna lives and breathes rabbit rescue, and is Rabbitats’ all-star rabbit trapper and bunny whisperer.

The Richmond Rabbitats sanctuary and shelter is in an urgent need of volunteers to help care for the bunnies, and in this interview, Deanna speaks about the work of the organization and to convey the vital need for the help of community in the Metro Vancouver area. If you would like to go to the sanctuary to help with bunny tasks, or may be interested in fostering or adopting, please visit here and here.

Gary Charbonneau, filmmaker of “The Medical Illusion: A Healthcare in Crisis” — An Exposé of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry

Our feature interview is with local Vancouver-based filmmaker Gary Charbonneau. You may know him already from his ground-breaking documentary of 2015 entitled “Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered“. Since then, he has been spending the past few years making his next film, and it’s also a ground-breaking documentary that connects the dots and exposes the egregious failings of Canada’s pharmaceutical testing and development industry to treat and cure major diseases.

The process always requires animal testing before moving to human trials to be approved, and we learn in this documentary why this method is so archaic, dangerous, and holding back progress in a country with vast resources and access to emerging technology.

This film is called “The Medical Illusion: A Healthcare in Crisis”, and it will be débuting on this Sunday, November 14th on Zoom. In this interview, Gary shares with us some of the outlandish findings from his research for this film, stemming from the antiquated and highly ineffective methods used for drug development (testing) that always includes the use and abuse of animals (and usually death).

The documentary film “The Medical Illusion” can now also be seen here: