Encore Show: Helping Companion Animals in Vulnerable Communities, with the Vancouver Humane Society; plus, Superbugs in Our Waterways, with World Animal Protection Canada

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As this is a repeat broadcast from last year, the ticket giveaway for the screening of the film “Gunda” is now over. However, you can view the trailer of the film here!

Because They Matter, with Amy Morris of the Vancouver Humane Society

Jax, a dog in need who VHS was able to help with vet care services.

For our first interview, we have the Vancouver Humane Society‘s Executive Director Amy Morris on the show, to speak about their campaign “Because They Matter”.

1 in 10 people experiencing homelessness have companion animals, and their bonds are unbreakable. When people need to access veterinary care for their animals and are experiencing a period of low or no income, they often don’t know where to turn. This is where the Vancouver Humane Society’s new program comes in.

On July 25th, participants will safely distribute harnesses, dog treats, leashes and blankets to people and animals who spend their days on the streets, while sharing information about Vancouver Humane Society’s emergency veterinary funds.

An estimated 500,000 to 600,000 people in B.C. live below the poverty line. That comes to 230,000 households who have a combined 100,000 animal companions in their care. Physical and mental disabilities are often a factor, as well as other barriers such as being new to the country, being unemployed, and substance abuse.

In this interview, Amy speaks on the multi-barriers that keep structurally vulnerable people from accessing veterinary assistance for their companion animals, and how you can help with the Because They Matter campaign.

To make a safe and secure donation to the Because They Matter campaign, you can do so here.

You can read VHS’s recent 38-page report entitled “Addressing Animal Neglect Through The Provision of Veterinary Outreach Services” here.

Superbugs in Our Waterways from Factory Farms: A World-wide Antibiotic Resistance Crises, with Lynn Kavanagh, Farming Campaign Manager of World Animal Protection Canada

Pigs crammed at the Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford, B.C., which is the leader in welfare standards at hog farms in B.C.

For our feature interview, we have Lynn Kavanagh on the show. She is the Farming Campaign Manager of the non-profit organization World Animal Protection Canada.

World Animal Protection’s mission is to end the needless suffering of animals by influencing decision-makers to put animals on the global agenda, and by inspiring people to change animals’ lives for the better.

Just recently, World Animal Protection has released a 40 page report entitled “Silent super bug killers in a river near you“. This report speaks on how factory farms contaminate water courses on 3 continents, and  has discovered that public waterways next to industrial farms in Manitoba, and around the world, contain Antibiotic Resistanc Genes (ARGs) that are dangerous to public health.

In this interview, Lynn shares some of the details of this report, and explains the ongoing danger of antibiotic resistance in our country and beyond.

Here is a video that World Animal Protection has made on the subject:

The Fur Bearers’ FREE Fur Farm Webinar

The Fur-Bearers hosted a Fur Panel and Webinar earlier week, to give updates on the fur farming industry in B.C. and Canada, and we discuss the highlights of the webinar to begin this show. For those who missed it, you can now see the recording of the webinar here:

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The Fur Alliance’s petition that calls to #stopdeadlyfur world-wide needs 700,000 signatures, and you can easily add your signature here.