Author: Alissa

Live and Let Live. Pigs Peace Sanctuary.

Marc Pierschel, the creative mind behind Live and Let Live, joins us to talk about his new documentary about what moves people to live vegan. We also share some of our favourite clips from a recent trip to Pigs Peace Sanctuary in Washington State.

Women and the Animal Rights Movement. Neither Man Nor Beast.

International Women’s Day. We feature an interview with Emily Gaarder, author of Women and the Animal Rights Movement. We also share a recent talk by Carol J. Adams entitled “Neither Man nor Beast: politics and the absent referent in 2014”.

Changing Laws to Protect Paws: Big Cat Rescue, and The Paw Project

Full on feline fun! We discuss lions, tigers, and more with Carole Baskin who has operated North America’s largest big cat sanctuary for over 20 years. We also learn about declawing from The Paw Project.

Compassionate Beats & Melodies: Music for Earthlings

On our last show of the year, we uncover some music from various genres and moods. From exuberance for life and the joy of plant based living, to sadness & rage at the injustice of nonhuman animal treatment…. from hip hop, to punk, and pop — there’s something for everyone!

Brenda Bronfman from Wishing Well Sanctuary, and Preet Marwaha from Organic Lives

On today’s show we share the story of how a lucky pig named Yoda found her way from the slaughter truck to a sanctuary. We also get the dirt on why vegans should care about organics.

Layla AbdelRahim on Domestication. A Tribute to Turkeys.

On today’s show we feature an interview about the concept of domestication/wilderness with comparatist anthropologist and author/speaker Layla AbdelRahim. We also share a few clips from our past shows as a tribute to our turkey friends.

Building Solidarity: Coastal First Nations Band Together for Bears / Common Ground for Earth Defense and Animal Liberation

We speak to William Housty of the Heiltsuk Nation about Bears Forever, a project of the Central Coast First Nations Bear Working Group. We also have special guests to speak about an upcoming event called Radical Animals and Ravaged Environments: A New Understanding for a Common Struggle.

Rabbitats Rabbit Rescue, Vegan Pride, and Bryant Terry’s The Inspired Vegan

  Listen to our show from Friday, August 9th here!

We kick off this show by sharing a bit about intersections of oppression via the experience of the Animal Voices hosts who were at Vancouver’s Pride parade! Check out…

Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge in BC… and Eating Vegan in Vegas!

Today we speak with Shirley Mainprize from the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge. We also feature a conversation with Paul Graham who runs the popular Eating Vegan in Vegas blog.