Changing Laws to Protect Paws: Big Cat Rescue, and The Paw Project

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Big Cat Rescue

carole-baskin1-1024x798Carole Baskin is the founder and CEO of what has become the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to big cats. Big Cat Rescue is home to over 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species, most of whom have been abused, abandoned, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.

CatChatPodcastIn addition to sanctuary operations, Big Cat Rescue supporters and allies work tirelessly towards federal legislation to end the private ownership of big cats. Carole also hosts her own lively podcast called Cat Chat which features a diverse range of guests and experts who help cats in various ways.

Our dual mission is to provide the best home we can for the cats in our care and educate the public about the plight of these majestic animals, both in captivity and in the wild, to end abuse and avoid extinction.

If you want to help big cats, here’s a great resource list they put together, and if you want to learn more don’t miss this playlist of educational videos they produced.

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The Paw Project on The Dangers of Declawing

Over 22 million cats in the U.S. undergo the excrutiating and debilitating trauma of being declawed (25%). The practice is banned or significantly restricted in at least 22 countries including Australia, the UK, and many parts of Europe. However, it is perfectly legal in the vast majority of the U.S. and all of Canada.

Jennifer Conrad, DVM, is the Founder and Director of The Paw Project. Their mission is to educate the public about the painful and crippling effects of feline declawing, to promote animal welfare through the abolition of the practice of declaw surgery, and to rehabilitate cats that have been declawed.

“Declawing is amputation; it is not merely the removal of the claws. To declaw a cat, the veterinarian cuts off the last knuckles of a cat’s paw – cutting through bone, tendons, skin and nerves. In a person, it is equivalent to amputating each finger or toe at the last joint.”

This is the trailer for their 60 minute documentary which is currently being screened across the U.S.

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