Compassionate Beats & Melodies: Music for Earthlings

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Big thanks to the Tim, Marysia, and especially to the Vegan Hip Hop Movement for help with choosing tracks!

Albino & CallyaOne Fight
One Love, One Struggle, One Fight

Arch EnemyCruelty without Beauty
Your victims have no choice, no voice. Look in their eyes, does it still make sense?

Bif Naked – If I
If I close my eyes, I won’t see you. If I cover my ears, I won’t hear. If I shut my mouth, I won’t tell the truth.

ChumbawumbaTearing Up Zoo
These fences are promises and lies. Let’s take the blindfold from our eyes.

Disciples of DisciplineVegan Nutrition (Potluck)
Nutrition efficient MCs on a mission. Eat your vitamins and minerals. Body, mind, and spiritual.

DJ Cavem G’s Up, Hoes Down
Gardenin, harvestin; gotta watch the body shine. Producin produce; soul food, we redefine.

Good RiddanceWaste
We’ve got to make that change for you, for me, our children, the world.

The Hitfarmers featuring Warpath, Sick Since, Sir SMO, & Kronezeuge – Deathrace
I disagree with the price of the beef that these beings gotta pay so we can feast.

JonsiAnimal Arithmetic
We should all be alive! Exist all in love, in life!

Lila RoseHeart Machine

Marky LennonAt The Zoo
Someone told me it’s all wonderful at the zoo… Can I believe it’s true?


SoleMy Veganism
People always treat it like a personal choice, but changing your habits does little to help those with no voice.

Thomas D – Deshalb bin ich hier

Vegan Reich – Stop Talking, Start Revenging
Can’t you see there’s no difference between government exploiting people, and people exploiting animals; it’s all the same, just another facet of oppression in this society.

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