Women and the Animal Rights Movement. Neither Man Nor Beast.

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We present special programming in honour of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2014.

 Women in the Animal Rights Movement


Current studies show that women constitute 68–80 percent of the animal rights movement.  Why are so many women drawn to the cause and what does it mean to the women involved? Women and the Animal Rights Movement fights back against the “bleeding heart” stereotype, and demonstrates that the commitment to animal rights is a political choice that is individual, complex, and difficult… and ultimately, extremely rewarding and empowering.

We feature a conversation with the author, Emily Gaarder. Emily holds a Ph.D. in Justice Studies and a Masters in Women’s Studies. She is an Assistant Professor in the Sociology/Anthropology Department at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

For those who would like a bit of a preview of the book, it draws somewhat upon the material in these published essays:
“Risk & Reward: The Impact of Animal Rights Activism on Women”
“Where the Boys Aren’t: The Predominance of Women in Animal Rights Activism”

“At the heart of Gaarder’s critique is a dual commitment to feminist care theory and to the idea of interlocking oppressions wrought by the long arms of sexism and male dominance. Gaarder give us rich starting points for such crossgenerational feminist conversation.” —Signs


Neither Man Nor Beast

With gracious thanks and kudos to Animal Liberation Ontario (ALO) and the organizing committee for the Neither Man Nor Beast web conference, we are very honoured to feature the keynote speech from Carol J. Adams Politics and the absent referent in 2014.

Soon, all the presentation videos from the web conference will be posted on their event page with closed captioning.
The full list of presentations and speakers is listed here. They included:

Breeze Harper –  “[In]Visible Scars of Suffering: Exploring Racial Dynamics, Speciesism, and Liberation through Creative Writing”
Anastasia Yarbrough – “Contemplating radical self-care: Animal Rights as if life matters.”
Lori Gruen “Entangled Empathy as Ecofeminist Praxis”
Ashley Maier “Violence Against Women and Animal Rights: Making the (Highly Unpopular) Connection”


Neither Man Nor Beast

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