Encore Show: The Thanksgiving Episode: Celebrating a Compassionate Holiday, and Turkey Stories from the Happy Herd Sanctuary

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This episode is dedicated to the millions of turkeys who are bred and slaughtered each year for the purpose of celebrating holiday traditions. For this year, we are re-broadcasting our Thanksgiving Show from 2017.

The Vancouver International Film Festival is in full swing, and to start the show, we speak about the film screening the much applauded Okja, which occurred September 2017 with a special live Skype Q&A presentation with the Director Boon Joon Ho afterwards. If you haven’t heard of this film that is touching peoples’ hearts in the way they think about animals and food, check out the film trailer, and our review and discussion as well!

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Celebrating a Compassionate Thanksgiving for All Beings

Celebrating a Compassionate Thanksgiving with delicious plant-based food!

We, at Animal Voices, honour the turkeys, and all sentient beings.

In this segment, we discuss our thoughts, experiences and advice that we can bring to you with regards to making your compassionate Thanksgiving dinner this year stress-free and of course, cruelty-free. We  talk about how to easily veganize popular holiday dishes and how to deal with friends and family who may not be used to you wanting to go cruelty-free for this year’s dinner.

We speak about enjoying great food that aligns with our values of compassion and respect for all living creatures, and discuss our favourite “turkey” alternatives for a centre dish, and the many, many, many other delicious dishes that you can make and serve for a kind Thanksgiving that will pleasing to all – both humans and turkeys included.

Here are some of the recipe resources that we mention in this segment:

Diane Marsh, Turkey Stories from The Happy Herd Sanctuary

The beautiful late Larry at the Happy Herd Sanctuary.

For our feature interview, we have Diane Marsh from The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, located in Aldergrove.

We speak to Diane about her views on a compassionate Thanksgiving, the turkeys who were living at the Happy Herd in 2017 (the beautiful late Larry, and Moe), and why turkeys are amazing, affectionate, funny and intriguing sentient creatures who deserve to be kept off the dinner table at Thanksgiving and year-round.