Cooking Vegan for the Family with Easy Animal-Free Anna Pippus, and Virchew’s Vegan Dog Food Updates

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It’s our annual Fall Fundraising Drive, and we start the show from a special caller and one of our biggest supporters. Long-time Animal Voices listener John Burgess joins us to share why he listens to Canada’s only radio program on animal advocacy issues and the vegan lifestyle.

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Anna Pippus, author of “The Vegan Family Cookbook” and Easy Animal-Free

It’s November and that means it’s World Vegan Month! For our feature interview, we welcome back a familiar guest to Animal Voices who embodies the joy of being vegan via her love for animals, her animal activism, and her long-time vegan lifestyle. Our guest is animal advocacy lawyer, food Instagrammer and now cookbook author Anna Pippus.

“The Vegan Family Cookbook: Simple, Balanced Cooking for Real Life”, which just came out last week, is a culinary toolkit of more than 100 recipes to get affordable, plant-based family meals on the table—in no time flat.

You may also know Anna as the voice behind Easy Animal-Free, a popular multi-platform project dedicated to helping people eat more plants. Anna is known for her casual, creative, and realistic approach to healthy and flavourful vegan cooking. She has also been named one of Canada’s most influential vegans, and resides in Vancouver with her husband Arden and two young children, Harlan and Alister.

Cruelty-free Canine Nourishment with Virchew’s Laura Simonson and Tatiana Victorino

Have you ever considered shifting your canine companion to a plant-based diet for their health and your ethical values?
Based in Vancouver, BC., Canada, Virchew is the first producer of 100% plant-based meals and treats for dogs powered by trail-blazing veterinary partnerships and nutrition programs.
In this show, our first interview is with Virchew vegan dog food company’s founder Laura Simonson and Operations and Production Lead Tatiana Victorino. They give us the latest news on what’s happening with supporting dog companions’ nutrition with veterinary programs.
Learn the evidence behind why dogs thrive on a plant-based diet!