Anita Krajnc Justifies Giving Water to Pigs, Exposes the Meat Industry

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Toronto Pig Save Founder Anita Kranjc and Activist Mary-Chris Staples


Frightened pigs en-route to slaughter

On Monday of this week, Anita Kranjc returned to court in Burlington, Ontario for her third day of trial to defend her altruistic act of giving water to severely dehydrated pigs as their trailer approached a slaughterhouse. Charged with mischief, and facing a $5000 fine or up to 10 years in jail, Anita has the world’s attention and surprisingly, a lot of support from people who consume meat.

So far, the court has heard from the truck driver who transported the load of pigs on the day Anita was charged, as well as the owner of the pigs. Monday was the first time that Anita took the stand as supporters from her “Toronto Pig Save” group filled the court room and rallied outside the packed courthouse. Join us for a discussion  about this trial which is making history by exposing the dirty secrets of the meat industry.

On Wednesday of this week, Anita had been arrested for trying to photograph at the scene of an accident where an overturned trailer caused injury and death to pigs en-route to the slaughterhouse. We discuss her thoughts on that tragic event, as well as speak to her friend and fellow activist, Mary-Chris Staples who gathered with other activists to bear witness to the 42 pigs who lost their lives on this day.

Brilliant Responses to the Common Arguments Against Veganism

vegan-sidekickDo you often find yourself at a loss for words when explaining the necessity and practicality of a vegan lifestyle? The world is changing, people are slowly waking up and educating themselves about the harmful effects of consuming animal products. Vegans often find themselves tasked with educating the public about the effects of the agricultural industry on the environment, antibiotic resistance, health, and  animal welfare, not to mention dispelling some very nonsensical beliefs.    We will discuss effective ways to respond to those who defend animal abuse.

This will be a helpful discussion for those who are new to activism or veganism, and are looking to improve upon the efficacy and of their conversations. Vegan Sidekick is an excellent resource for such education – check out the brilliant and witty cartoons under the “images” heading, and answers to all the common arguments that we encounter from non-vegans, under the heading “FAQs”. For those who believe we biologically need to eat animals, here is a Youtube video of Dr. Milton Mills.


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