Masculinity and Veganism; & Rebeka Breder on Bill 24, Pet Cremation Fraud, and Invermere Deer Cull

In this episode, we start with Alison giving a review of her vegan day in Seattle last weekend, which included attending the annual Seattle Vegfest. Then we address a listener’s feedback by giving our position on abolitionism vs. welfarism.

Masculinity and Veganism

From Burger King commercials to men’s magazines like GQ, the idea that real men eat meat can be found almost everywhere a discussion of men and food arises. In this piece,  we explore the emerging trend of manly veganism, or heganism, and problems of contemporary portrayals of vegan masculinity in the popular vegan press.

We also discuss PETA’s new ad campaign to make veganism virile and manly, which not only perpetuates sexism but also the notion that men should eat meat. This new ad can be seen here:

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Rebeka Breder, animal lawyer, on Bill 24, Pet Cremation Fraud, and Invermere Deer Cull

Our feature interview is with lawyer Rebeka Breder, who specializes in animal law. Rebeka has been passionate about advancing the welfare of non-human animals since the age of 13, and since then, has volunteered and worked for various animal welfare and non-profit organizations. Today, Rebeka is a litigation lawyer at Boughton Law Corporation inVancouver and has also developed a practice in Animal Law. Rebeka recently created the first Canadian Bar Association Animal Law section, and is actively involved as a voice and activist for the animals.

She speaks with us about several British Columbia issues, including the impending Bill 24 that seeks to move responsibility for hearing the appeals of individuals, whose animals have been seized because of distress, move from the B.C. Supreme Court to the B.C. Farm Industry Review Board; pet cremation fraud in the news; and the deer cull in Invermere.

Listen to this show here.

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