Is Fur Eco-friendly?; & The Annual Canadian Seal Slaughter

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Is Fur Eco-friendly?

Natural, sustainable, bio-degradable, organic…. Is fur really a wise choice when it comes to ethical clothing? Last month an ad campaign, from the European Fur Breeders Association, which made that claim was banned after the Advertising Standards Authority deemed it to be misleading.

In this segment we talk about the claims found in Fur Council of Canada’s website, Fur is Green. We also shine a spotlight on the environmental problems associated with the mink farming in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Check out this short animated video that effectively depicts what is really involved in producing fur garments:

The Annual Canadian Seal Slaughter

We have Executive Director Rebecca Aldworth from the Humane Society International Canada to speak with us about the particulars of this year’s annual Canadian seal slaughter, which some current reports indicate is dead – or is it? The seal hunt season has officially already started, and we learn what that exactly means in a time where there is no market for seal fur pelts sales with the recent import bans of Russia and the EU, but where the Canadian government is still supporting and encouraging the hunt, with our Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling it “a humane and sustainable industry”.

It has also just been recently announced a few weeks ago that Canada’s largest seal fur buyer, NuTan, will stop processing seals. However, another company will now be processing these seals, and the Canadian government has just given them 3.6 million dollars to purchase these dead seals to what amounts to preparing them for stockpiling in warehouses, since there is no market for them in Canada or abroad. Governmental politics are abound when it comes to making decisions like these regarding the seal hunt, and we be learn about this, and more, in this interview. Rebecca speaks with us directly from Newfoundland, where she is currently situated to observe the hunt.

This video by the Humane Society International gives an explanation of what is happening with the seals in Canada, who are being hunted:

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Listen to this show here.

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