The India Show – Part II

This show is lovingly dedicated to the animals of India….

We start this episode with a discussion addressing the ethics of travel with regards to helping animals.

The Animals of India

In this segment, Morgan and Alison take some time to give some information and explore our thoughts with regards to the situation of the animals in India – that is, on the topics of their presence in the country, the ideology shared by many of the Indians on revering and protecting the animals, the basics of Indian religious beliefs concerning animals, the reality of treatment of animals in India, and exploring a comparison of how people treat animals in North America versus that of India. Much of this information is based on experiences we had first hand with the animals of India, and information that we learned during our travels directly from some of those in the country who are doing amazing work to help the animals there.

To see a collection of photographs of the animals that we encountered in India, please visit Alison’s Animals of India photo album here.

Claire Abrams, Animal Aid sanctuary

Our feature interview is with Claire Abrams, who is one of the founders of Animal Aid Unlimited, which is a US-based charitable organization that runs a busy animal hospital and shelter in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. At Animal Aid, ownerless street animals are rescued, healed, loved, and returned to the neighborhoods from where they came. Animal Aid’s purpose is to both bring relief to suffering animals, and to awaken compassion among people. Claire speaks with us about the animals of India and the work that Animal Aid does for our fellow creatures in need.

She shares with us a wealth of information that digs deeper into looking into the complexities of the situations for the animals in India. It’s not as clear cut as one might think. There is the good and the bad, but the bottom line is that there are thousands and thousands of animals in this beautiful country who need our help, and we learn also about some of the good work that Animal Aid does everyday to rescue, treat and rehabilitate these animals on the streets.

Please take a look at this wonderful video that illustrates a day at Animal Aid Sanctuary!

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