International Day of Action for South Korean Dogs and Cats; & Travel Tips and Recommendations for Compassionate Eating: Los Angeles (Part Deux)

This show starts with some banter about our favourite vegan-friendly cities, plus a review of Vancouver’s newest raw, vegan, organic and fair trade chocolates: Zimt Artisan Chocolates.

Travel Tips and Recommendations for Compassionate Eating: Los Angeles (Part Deux)

Alison shares some recommendations on all things good and cruelty-free in the field of food in the City of Angels, and presents information on the following eateries:

All of these places are highly recommended; be sure to check them out on your next trip to L.A.!

Robin Dorman, In Defense of Animals, South Korean Dogs and Cats Campaign

Our feature interview is with Robin Dorman of the American non-profit organization In Defense of Animals. Robin is the Campaign Manager of IDA’s  South Korean Dog and Cat Campaign. Every year, approximately 2 million dogs are inhumanely caged, tortured and used for food in South Korea. Robin speaks to us about this issue and the work that IDA is doing to urge the South Korean government to strengthen and enforce animal protections laws so that these cruelties can come to an end. And why do people in South Korea even eat these friendly creatures that we in North America know and love as our companions and family? We find out in this interview.

IDA is sponsoring a petition to the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Han Duk-soo to ask him to stop the torture and consumption of dogs and cats in South Korea. It takes only a minute to fill out and submit and can be done so here.

For some footage of the realities of the dog and cat “farming” and selling industry in South Korea, please watch this video clip:

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