Katherine Terrio, UVic rabbit cull & Dr. Dana Medoro, sow stall campaigner

In this episode, Christa provides tips on replacing eggs in cooking.  Joanne interviews Kathleen Terrio an English teacher at University of Victoria fighting to save 1,000 campus bunnies from being culled by her employer and Dr. Dana Medoro a professor at the University of Manitoba campaigning to ban sow stalls.

Kathleen Terrio, University of Victoria bunny cull

Kathleen is an ESL teacher at the University of Victoria fighting to save the 1,000+ feral campus bunnies from being culled by her employer. UVic recently pull the plug on a successful non lethal trap neuter and return program in favour of a mass slaughter. While UVic is out to save their manicured lawns, Kathleen is risking her job to save the bunnies lives.  Join the fight against UVic bunny killers by getting in touch with Kathleen via email at savethebunnies@yahoo.ca

Dr. Dana Medoro, sow stalls & the University of Manitoba

Associate Professor of American Literature at the University of Manitoba has been campaigning to ban sow stalls in the province for years with the Manitoba Humane Society. Recently, she brought the fight to campus by organizing a groundbreaking debate as well as publishing an article criticising the agriculture department and their ties with the factory farming industry.

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