Anthony Marr, Heal Our Planet Earth & Crystal Moore, Kelowna teacher and disssection

Cyrstal Moore, BC Teacher about high school dissections

Kelowna teacher Crystal Moore introduced a resolution encouraging secondary school teachers to consider alternatives to dissection.  The resolution passed with a narrow margin at the BC Teachers Federation AGM earlier in the week.  Crystal spoke to us about what the passing of the resolution meant for students who are forced to do dissections every year in high school.

Anthony Marr, Heal Our Planet Earth about the HOPE-CARE 7 Tour

Our former host Anthony Marr, who is also the Founder of Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE), is getting ready to embark on a 6 month anti-hunting tour to raise awareness about the horrors of hunting. This will be the 7th year reveals the government power behind the entire hunting industry in the United States. From May until October, Anthony will travel across the United States on his motorcycle, give talks and hold demonstrations against the hunting industry.

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