Jasmin Singer, Our Hen House & Rae Sikora, Veg Fund

In this episode Alison gives a review of Veg Fest Seattle and Joanne interviews Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House and Rae Sikora of Veg Fund.

Jasmin Singer, Our Hen House

Jasmin is the Co-founder of Our Hen House, which she runs along with her partner, animal advocate and lawyer, Mariann Sullivan. With a daily blog and a weekly podcast, the two identify opportunities, report on successful activists and enterprises, and brainstorm ideas ranging from the brilliant to the far-fetched. Prior to founding our hen house, Jasmin was the campaigns manager for Farm Sanctuary. She and Mariann live in New York City with their amazing pit bull, Rose.

Rae Sikora, Veg Fund

Rae is the Co-founder and President of Veg Fund, an innovative organization whose mission is to acquaint the general public with the joys of a plant based diet.  They do this by helping fund the distribution of education materials and vegan food at local events and grocery stores.  “Ask a Vegan”, is one of Veg Fund’s brilliant campaigns where activists are paid to sample vegan food at grocery stores.  Rae is also the Co-founder of the Institute for Humane Education.

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