Author: Jackie

The Bunny Alliance, and Disrupting Speciesism

We speak with Amanda of The Bunny Alliance about the Fight or Flight Tour, and Almira Tanner about Direct Action Everywhere’s Disrupt Speciesism challenge.

Queer Animal Liberation

Pattrice jones speaks about the intersections between sexism, homophobia, transphobia and speciesism as well as some stories from VINE Sanctuary, including some same-sex animal pairings.

A Show For Our Animal Companions

Top 5 Vegan Eatery Picks of NYC; an interview with Dr. Armaiti May on vegan cats and dogs, and an interview with Lisa Hutcheon of the Small Rescue Animal Society.

A Show for the Oceans

For World Oceans Day, we speak with Sebastian Hutton of Sea Shepherd, and Mary Finelli of Fish Feel.

Building Coalitions, and Animal Defence

We speak with Dylan Powell, of Marineland Animal Defence, #OurScars, and Live Free Collective, about building coalitions. Marley joins us to talk about Vancouver Animal Defence League’s current, and past campaigns, successes, and how you can help.

Love for all our fellow beings!

Alissa and Jackie speak with the public about animals and love, and Dr. Jonathan Balcombe (ethologist) talks about love, mating rituals and sex behaviours in non-human animals.

New Year Show: Intentions and Reflections, and Esther the Wonder Pig

We bring you Esther’s touching story, reflect on the year past, and set some intentions for 2014!

It’s a Fur-ocious World! Lesley Fox of The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, and Public Opinion on Fur and the Canadian Fur Industry.

This show is all about the f-word. We discuss beaver protection, Canada Goose’s fur policy, and we ask you what you think about the fur industry in Canada.

Dairy Calf Cruelty and Urban Wildlife: Erica Meier from Compassion over Killing and Sara Dubois from BCSPCA Wildlife Services

Compassion Over Killing Unfortunately, our interview with Erica Meier was postponed to a later date. However, we still discuss the video shown below. “Just days old, many of these calves – some of whom still have their umbilical cords…

Non-Human Primate Rescue and Rehab: Josie Du Toit of Vervet Monkey Rescue, and Tim Ajax of Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.

It’s our monkey show! We speak to Josie Du Toit, Animal Manager and Rehabilitator with the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa. We also feature an interview with Tim Ajax Director of the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Texas about nine of their newest residents.