Building Coalitions, and Animal Defence

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Marley Daviduk of Vancouver Animal Defence League 554688_515545035175121_1073713282_n10149237_10154056022135565_677905774_n-1

Marley Daviduk is the founder of the local, grassroots organization, Vancouver Animal Defence League. VADL’s main focus is on long-term sustained campaigns against animal exploitative businesses, as well as petitioning for governmental change, and providing outreach to the public.

We speak with Marley about VADL’s current and past campaigns, some of their memorable successes, and some of the ways that people can get involved or help out.

Dylan Powell on Building Coalitions


We chat with Dylan Powell about building coalitions with other social justice movements, to share skills and strengthen the total fight for justice. Dylan Powell is the co-founder of Marineland Animal Defence, a grassroots group in Niagara falls, which stands up against the unjust captivity and mistreatment of animals at Marineland Aquapark. He is also heavily involved in solidarity and coalition organizing amongst other social justice movements, and has an online blog where he discusses many of these, and other, issues.

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