Dairy Calf Cruelty and Urban Wildlife: Erica Meier from Compassion over Killing and Sara Dubois from BCSPCA Wildlife Services

Compassion Over Killing

Unfortunately, our interview with Erica Meier was postponed to a later date. However, we still discuss the video shown below.

“Just days old, many of these calves – some of whom still have their umbilical cords hanging from their bodies – are too feeble or frightened to walk steadily.  As the footage shows, in the process of being moved on and off trucks, these fragile animals are violently dragged by their legs, pulled by their ears, lifted by their tails, kicked, thrown, slammed, and flipped.”

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Co-Existing Peacefully with Wildlife

As a BC SPCA manager of wildlife, Sara Dubois takes care of managing provincial wildlife policies, operations and campaigns. Prior to her current position, she worked for 5 years as a manager with BCSPCA Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (or WildARC). We previously did an interview with her in April, regarding helping injured wildlife. Today she speaks with us about peacefully co-existing with wildlife and our relationships with our wild neighbors.

We also discuss the Vancouver Aquarium and their disconnectedness by providing yoga classes in front of the Beluga Tanks, and Alison shares some vegan restaurant reviews.

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