Salamanders, Radical Animals and Ravaged Environments, The Black Lodge Review, and much more!

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We will open the show with a discussion of the Radical Animals and Ravaged Environments event that is being held in Vancouver on Thursday September 12th.  You can listen to the interview we did last week with the organizers of the event:  Black Paw Rising.


Next, we call Matt Ellerbeck, a passionate animal advocate & conservationist. Save The Salamanders is the progressive wildlife conservation & environmental venture he created to get the word out about the plight of these undervalued creatures whose numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate. Matt strongly believes in the ideals of Environmentalism, Deep Ecology, Left Biocentrism, Ecocentrism, Sentiocentrism and anti-Speciesism; and draws from these various beliefs and movements to help salamanders.



dairylogoWe will also be discussing how the dairy industry has amped up advertising especially here in Vancouver.
Have you noticed the increase in billboards and tv commercials for milk, yogurt and cheese?
Here is an example of one of the advertisements we will be discussing:

The Black Lodge is a new bar/restaurant in East Vancouver that has sparked some controversy in the vegan community. This vegetarian bar has a bear skin on display that has caused some people to boycott the bar until it is taken down. All of the co-hosts on this episode have been and we give our thoughts on the food, atmosphere, and the bear skin! Would you attend or have you attended The Black Lodge?

1 comment for “Salamanders, Radical Animals and Ravaged Environments, The Black Lodge Review, and much more!

  1. Jackie
    September 15, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    Re: The Black Lodge.

    Hey all, just a few words on this topic.
    I don’t see how it can “make vegans look bad” to choose to not eat at a place that is inconsistent with ones values or makes them uncomfortable. On the contrary, I think it makes vegans / vegetarians look bad and inconsistent to display trophy animals at a veg restaurant, as trophy displays(of animals) are a disrespectful and arrogant display of ones “accomplishment” of killing an animal for sport. Also, as this place has been described as a hipster hangout, it seems to perpetuate the hipster hunting trend that’s happening. Yes, there are worse things happening to animals on a greater scale (ie: dairy / eggs, etc), but that doesn’t mean that other things don’t matter (ie: last week’s episode with Bears Forever). It just seems disrespectful not only to the bear but also to customers to have this in such a restaurant geared to the vegan community.

    Regardless, everyone has varying comfort level, and some may not mind that display, while others do. Sad I didn’t listen live to call in. 🙂

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