Celebrating a Safe and Scrumptious Vegan Holiday with Audrey Dunham, and Ryan Shepard, The Vegan Rhino

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To start the show, co-hosts Alison, Sinéad and Grace discuss how they intend to celebrate a Covid-safe and happy animal-friendly winter holiday this year. Things are different, but we are celebrating with delicious food and the spirit of giving, so listen in for some community, inspiration, and also neat ideas for being in your household bubble or alone this year.

It all starts with great food, and looking on the bright side on how to make new traditions out of the old.

The Vegan Rhino and “The Ultimate Vegan Holiday Feast

Ryan Shepard, The Vegan Rhino

For our first holiday-themed interview today, we have Florida-based plant-based chef Ryan Shepard on the show. He is the founder of the new business The Vegan Rhino, whose mission it is to promote healthy foods, simple recipes, and to help animals live lives without being confined, tortured or killed inhumanely.

Cooking since a young child, and now a recent vegan, Ryan enjoys introducing vegan-friendly food alternatives to the masses, while advocating for animals. You can catch him on his vegan food blog at theveganrhino.com for all sorts of recipes and more.

Ryan has just published an e-cookbook called “The Ultimate Vegan Holiday Feast“, full of so yummy-looking dishes for the holidays. In this interview, we discuss how we can celebrate the ultimate vegan holiday with amazing plant-based food, and to also speak about advocacy for animals.

As part of his namesake, Ryan (The Vegan Rhino), has made it part of his mission to raise awareness and advocate for our diminishing and nearly extinct 5 last species of rhinoceroses on the Earth. You can learn more about these issues here, and visit and support the Save the Rhino International organization here.

“Vegan Christmas Cookies & Cocoa” with Audrey Dunham

Audrey Dunham – vegan mom, food blogger, nutritionist, author and entrepreneur. She has the number 1 ranking cookbook this week on Amazon for both Holiday cookbooks and Vegetarian cookbooks categories!

For the dessert portion of the show, to celebrate the vegan holiday season, we have food lover, plant-based nutritionist, vegan mom, and lifestyle blogger Audrey Dunham on the show! Audrey’s passion is in sharing manageable vegan lifestyle tips and tasty recipes that anyone can feel good about making for the ones they love.

She has just published a lovely book for the holidays called “Vegan Christmas Cookies and Cocoa”, and Audrey joins us to share with us sweet inspirations from her book, and to share the joy of celebrating a happy vegan holiday season.

As a plant-based nutrition and vegan mom of two young twin boys, she shares a breadth of important information about nutrition, as well as how she raises compassionate children with the best of nutrition in mind and in practise.

Take a look at this enjoyable “behind-the-scenes” short video of the photo shoot for Audrey’s new book!