World Day for Farmed Animals: Exploring Queer Love in Animals and Getting A Taste for Local Plant-Based Charcuterie

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This show includes a feature interview with Emily Wilson, the founder and head chef at Living Tree Foods. We discuss her background as an animal rights lawyer and her passion for affordable, delicious, and local vegan cheese products. We also hear a story from pattrice jones discussing her first time bringing ducks to Vine Sanctuary and the assumptions we make about non-human animals based on the narrative that animals are motivated by reproduction and survival, rather than love, eros, and community.

Photo of Living Tree Food's yogurt in glass jars with a background of green leaves, lemons, blueberries, and raspberries.

Plant-Based Artisanal Food & Supplies at Living Tree Foods

Living Tree Foods was founded in the Summer of 2020, when Emily Wilson decided to stay in Vancouver after her internship in Ontario was cancelled due to the pandemic. Using cashews, Emily and her partner designed a line of small batch vegan charcuterie products including carrot lox, chocolate hazelnut spread, vegan cashew yogurt, cheese wheels, and spreadable cheeses. Based out of the Coho Commissary Kitchen, Living Tree Food products can be purchased online or found at Farmers Markets including Mt. Pleasant, Ambleside, and the UBC Farm Market. 

pattrice jones on Our Assumptions About Non-Human Animal Motivations and Diverse Collective of Veggie Mijas

Image of a young pink pig, a brown calf, and a brown and white lamb standing in the grass together. Text reads: Veggie Mijas National Event. Virtual Farm Sanctuary Trip. Saturday October 3rd at 3pm. Experience a live virtual farm sanctuary trip and say hello to some of the animals with us!

We begin this segment with a story from pattrice jones, discussing her first time bringing Ducks to Vine Sanctuary and the assumptions we make about non-human animals based on the narrative that animals are motivated by reproduction and survival, rather than love, eros, and community. Vine Sanctuary held a virtual farm tour on Saturday, October 3rd in collaboration with Veggie Mijas. Vine Sanctuary is an LGBTQ Led farmed animal sanctuary in Springfield, VT. The site is home to more than 500 animals. Using an ecofeminist and intersectional approach, Vine is working to undermine the social and structural causes of animal abuse and exploitation.

Veggie Mijas is a diverse collective of women of color, trans people of color, gender non-conforming people, black and Indigenous people who are plant-based or are interested in a plant-based lifestyle and have marginalized identities and/or experiences with food insecurity or food apartheid. Their first potluck was located in The Bronx, NY in March 2018 and the collective now has 11 active chapters throughout the United States. Their website includes links to recipes as well as resources on food justice and animal liberation.

Cover image for the film Kala Azar - green coloured background in a paint stroke pattern depicting water with an undressed light-skinned woman with long dark hair swimming backwards while a ginger-haired light-skinned man with a beard swims towards her.

Contemporary World Cinema And Zoonotic Disease

From September 24th to October 7th is the 39th Vancouver International Film Festival. This year the festival is all online, and you can find tickets at . We have a review of the 2020 film Kala Azar, directed by Janis Rafa. The film unveils Kala Azar, a zoonotic disease that has spread widely through southern Europe’s dog population. The film premiered at Rotterdam in January, before the worldwide pandemic hit which makes it a perfect fit for these trying times.

BC SPCA Caring for 97 Badly Neglected Animals Seized from a Princeton Property on September 23rd

BC SPCA is caring for 97 badly neglected animals seized from a Princeton property in the Interior on September 23rd. SPCA animal protection officers executed a warrant and removed 43 puppies, 24 adult and senior dogs, 27 horses and three cats after receiving a complaint about animals in distress.

Donations to help with medical costs are urgently needed and appreciated, says the SPCA. If you can help, please visit

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