Interviews on Navigating School as an Animal Advocate, New York City’s Stance on Serving Processed Meats at School, and More

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In this show, we continue our discussion on the move towards compassionate classrooms, including interviews with those trying to navigate as animal advocates in the school system, the New York City’s stance on serving processed meats in public schools and school milk days.

Navigating as an Animal Advocate at School

Navigating the school as an animal advocate can be isolating and alienating.

We are always proud of our interview participants, and this week, we are no less proud of their bravery in speaking out about their experiences. Featured in this show are interviews with elementary school teacher, James and college student, Megan Thorne. James reflects on his difficulties advocating for animals without alienating his coworkers. We also have a statement from a teacher we had invited for an interview who preferred to have their thoughts read on air for fear of being identified and potentially becoming a target of discrimination. College student Megan Thorne speaks about her experience with disparaging, targeted remarks from one of her instructors after the instructor discovers that Megan is vegan.

School programs such as milk days and hot lunch programs, are not only unhealthy for children they also can create an isolating experience for children on a plant-based diet. It can be challenging as an adult to respond to the questions and accusations about ethics and beliefs, imagine then how much more confusing and frustrating it could be for a child.

New York City’s Stance on Processed Meats in Public Schools

In September 2019, New York’s City Council passed Resolution 238, which calls on the Department of Education to ban processed meats from being served in New York City public schools. This resolution was introduced by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Council Member Fernando Cabrera in 2018 and passed NYC city council in September 2019.

We cannot continue feeding our children substances that are scientifically proven to increase their chances of cancer later in life.

– Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams