Dr. Olivia Norfolk on How Keeping Honeybees Harms Wild Pollinators, and 11-Year-Old Omari McQueen on Being the World’s Youngest Vegan CEO

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Does backyard beekeeping help save bees? How about buying honey? Can eating honey cure your allergies and everything else that ails you?

This episode is focused on busting common myths surrounding bees and the honey industry. Tune in to learn how you can effectively help save the pollinators who are so vitally important to our food system and our world.

Omari McQueen, 11-Year-Old Vegan CEO

Our first interview is with 11-year-old Omari McQueen, founder and CEO of Dipalicious, a UK-based company that specializes in delicious plant-based dips and snacks. Omari has had a passion for cooking since he was very young, and went vegan at just eight years old after seeing a PETA UK video about how animals are farmed. He joins us to talk more about his story and about what it’s like running a vegan business as a kid.



Dr. Olivia Norfolk on How to Save Bees (for Real)

Our featured guest is Olivia Norfolk, a lecturer in Conservation Ecology at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK and a researcher specializing in biodiversity and interactions between domesticated honeybees and wild pollinators. She speaks to us on how, contrary to popular belief, keeping honeybees does not help bees or the environment. She also fills us in on how we can actually help save wild pollinators.