A Movement for the Animals, for the Planet, for You: Nation Rising

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In 2017, a few concerned people in Canada came together intent on crafting a way through the plight we find ourselves in: a planet laden with cruelty, pollution and health issues culminating in a climate emergency. It is clear that we have to act quickly and directly.

In this episode of Animal Voices, we introduce you to three of these people: Jenny Henry, Ben King and Jeff Donkervoort. They tell us why they started Nation Rising and what needs to happen in Canadian animal agriculture in order to effect the changes we need. Their demands are simply:

1. Stop animal agriculture subsidies
2. Make healthy food affordable to all
3. Help farmers transition into plant-based farming

One key to this movement is forming strong coalitions with other animal rights and environmental groups, and they already have several of these allies on board. Learn how you can get involved and help with their mission. You can download an information kit from their website, and have a chat with your Member of Parliament. This is an election year in Canada, and a prime opportunity to promote a healthy plant-based diet and the agriculture infrastructure that will help get us there.