Travelling in Italy as a Vegan, and Isa Leshko on Photography as a Powerful Tool for Animal Advocacy

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We open this show with a short news report to follow up on our previous coverage of the Meat the Victims action at Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford last month. The SPCA has decided, at this time, to not to press charges against the farm, despite photos and video footage showing pigs in filthy, cramped conditions and suffering from untreated illnesses and injuries.

Vegan in Italy

For our first main segment, I share anecdotes from my recent experience visiting Rome and Sicily as a vegan. I talk about the best vegan-friendly restaurants I visited and the incredible local delicacies I ate there, and offer a few tips for fellow vegan travellers.

Isa Leshko, photographer, writer, and activist

This week’s feature interview is with photographer Isa Leshko. Isa is an artist and writer whose work examines themes relating to animal rights, aging, and mortality. Her images have been published in media around the world, including The Atlantic, The Guardian, and The New York Times, among others. In April 2019, the University of Chicago Press published her first book, entitled Allowed to Grow Old: Portraits of Elderly Rescued Farm Animals.

The book includes essays by activist Gene Bauer, New York Times best-selling author Sy Montgomery, and curator Anne Wilkes Tucker. In this interview, she discusses the power of photography, the invisibility of farmed animals in our culture, the importance of seeing them as sentient individuals, and the blessing of being allowed to grow old.

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