Vancouver Aquarium Management Meeting with Activists, Humane Dog Training and Local Vegan Entrepreneurship

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Wilke Walks Dog Walking and Training for “Reactive Dogs”

Nicky Wilke is the owner and operator of Wilke Walks dog walking company on the North Shore, specializing in private walks for puppies, senior and reactive dogs. She has been walking dogs professionally since 2014 and is currently enrolled with CATCH Canine Trainers Academy Core Skills Program. Nicky also runs a force-free walking club for people with reactive dogs called Parallel Paws that meets monthly and donates all the funds to local animal rescues while advocating for ethical force-free dog handling within the community.

In this show, we discuss how to train dogs with positive reinforcement, rather than cruel “training devices” such as punishment-based training such as prong collars and shock collars.




Local Vegan Entrepreneur, Czarina on her Animal-Friendly Business Ventures

A model shows off one of my favourite t-shirt slogans.

Czarina is an animal rights activist, business owner and a vegan lifestyle advocate. She is the co-founder of two vegan businesses: Rub A Dub Bath And Body and Fuera Apparel. She exposes the truth about animal agriculture to the public by regularly participating in demonstrations with Anonymous For The Voiceless. She also hosts vegan cooking events to educate people on the joy of cooking vegan food. Being an avid traveller, she organizes vegan retreats and tours. Czarina is breaking new ground by learning sustainable permaculture and growing her own produce at Abundance Community Farm. In her spare time she volunteers at animal rescue centres and animal sanctuaries including Hearts On Noses, Rabittats and RAPS Cat Sanctuary.

Rub A Dub Bath And Body is a cruelty-free, vegan and handmade cosmetics company. Beauty products can be created without exploiting other creatures, and Rub A Dub is  committed to providing 100% cruelty-free and vegan products and they love bathing and offering the experience of adventure while in the bath. The scents in their products transports you to lovely memories and beautiful new ones.

They are also aware of their environmental footprint, so their products are either packaging-free or packaged in recyclable containers. The product line Raw Spa is made of 100% natural ingredients. They offer raw vegan cosmetics as well. The products are available online at Free shipping is available on monthly subscriptions and orders $60 or more. As a special promotion, you can sign up for our monthly subscriptions on their website for 20% off during the Victoria Day long weekend.

Fuera Apparel is a company offering vegan shoes and vegan statement shirts. Their purpose is to promote the vegan message in day-to-day life, engaging everyone they encounter with the vegan statements. The shoes are made of synthetic material without any animal materials and they also offer a line of statement shirts on up-cycled clothing to reduce their environmental footprint.


Animal Rights Activists Invited to Meeting with New CEO of Vancouver Aquarium

Activist David Isbister.

After decades of work to end captivity at the aquarium by local concerned citizens, two of Vancouver’s activists were invited to speak to new CEO, Lasse Gustavsson and the “animal welfare” staff member.

This is an unprecedented, unexpected move forward for activists who have historically had their requests for dialogue rejected, including in recent years when the creator of the documentary, Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered invited aquarium management to press conferences and public debates as an opportunity to address the alleged “lies” in his film.

Yesterday, David Isbister and Jeff Matthews, long-time animal rights activists, met with management for a thorough 90 minute discussion to relay the activists’ position and goals of creating a more humane science centre rather than the current outdated model – a jail for sentient beings. A request was also made for   more transparency and future dialogue between activists and aquarium staff, who under previous management were instructed to have limited discussions with activists during demonstrations. On today’s show, I speak with David about the meeting and what this open dialogue could mean moving forward with the aquarium’s new vision under new management.






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