World Vegan Day Show: International Marathon Champion and Animal Rescuer Fiona Oakes

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This episode is dedicated to World Vegan Day, which occurs on November 1st.

World Vegan Day and Fall Member Drive

November 1st marks World Vegan Day, a day to recognize and celebrate veganism! This week is also the 2nd week of our Vancouver Co-op Radio Fall Member Drive, which is a perfect time to show your support for Animal Voices and the work we do to create original, quality programming for you every week on Co-op Radio.

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World Vegan Day (and World Vegan Month in November) was started as a time to recognize how far the vegan movement has come, to highlight how accessible and beneficial a vegan lifestyle can be and to encourage the vegan-curious to adopt veganism by sharing advice, recipes and ideas.

In this episode’s first segment, we share what veganism means to us, why we volunteer our time to create a weekly radio show to bring our listeners the latest news and ideas in the animal advocacy and vegan movement, and we discuss how Animal Voices is one of the very few media outlets that doesn’t shield its integrity to get the real issues and issues out there to speak up for the animals. Animal exploitation is still rampant in our culture, and we can only make a difference by being the change in the world we wish to see – without the threat of any advertisers holding us back.

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Fiona Oakes, World Record Breaking Vegan Endurance Runner and Animal Rescuer, in the new film “Running For Good”

For our feature interview, for World Vegan Day, we have international champion marathon runner Fiona Oakes on the show. But she’s not just a champion in running – she is fore mostly a champion for the animals, as she operates an animal sanctuary in the UK called Tower Hill Stables, where 450 rescued animals live.

Fiona made headlines in 2013 when she set out on a mission to run a marathon in every continent. She more than succeeded in that mission by breaking Guinness World Records in becoming the fastest female to complete a 7 continent marathon, plus the North Pole, and also in the shortest elapsed total time of 225 days.

And now, just released last week on Vimeo, there is a fantastic documentary film about Fiona. It’s called “Running for Good: The Fiona Oakes Documentary” and is executive produced by James Cromwell and directed by Keegan Kuhn, who made the films “Cowspiracy” and “What the Health”.

In this interview, Fiona tells us about her vegan journey, which started at the age of 3! She has been vegan all her life, and runs in these competitive and most difficult marathons on the Earth as a platform to speak up for the plight of the animals. Find out the story behind Fiona`s incredible athletic achievements, but not only that, her incredible achievements in rescuing hundreds of animals who would otherwise suffer and be killed, if she didn’t intervene to rescue them.

Fiona is a hero for both the animals and promoting the vegan lifestyle as a way to live compassionately and perform athletically at an elite level without any animals having to be harmed. This is one interview not to be missed!

You can watch the trailer on Vimeo here:

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