Diverse Voices in the Vegan Movement

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Vegans and animal advocates come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from all over the world and all walks of life. This show highlights a few movers and shakers in the vegan community around the globe. 

Mary Fantaske: The Disabled Body and the Animal Body

The first talk we feature is by disability rights activist and animal advocate Mary Fantaske, delivered at the Human Rights are Animal Rights conference in Guelph in 2013.

Ady Namaran Coulibaly: Being Vegan in Ghana

Vegan activist and journalist Ady Namaran Coulibaly is interviewed by Black Vegans Rock on what it’s like being vegan in Ghana, and why she feels a vegan lifestyle is valuable and important.

Sean O’Callaghan: Fat Gay Vegan

Sean O’Callaghan, the author and blogger known online as Fat Gay Vegan, talks about his journey to a more compassionate lifestyle.


Abhay Rangan: The Future of the World is Plant-Based Food

Abhay Rangan, a 21-year-old entrepreneur and animal rights activist from Bangalore, India, delivers a short TED talk on how plant-based food can save the world. Abhay’s mission with his startup, Goodmylk, is to make plant-based foods affordable and accessible to everyone.

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