One Struggle, One Fight: Human Rights and Animal Liberation

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International Human Rights Day is December 10th, so this episode is all about intersections between human and animal rights issues.

We open with a discussion on direct comparisons between human and animal oppressions, why these comparisons are controversial, and when they may or may not be appropriate to use.

Carol J. Adams: The Sexual Politics of Meat

We share a short interview with Carol J. Adams, author of the iconic vegan feminist treatise The Sexual Politics of Meat, featured on Vegan Talk. She explains the thesis behind her seminal book, and offers observations on how the vegan and feminist movements have evolved over the last few decades.

Christopher Sebastian McJetters: Animal Liberation and Black Liberation

Our feature interview is with noted activist, writer, and speaker Christopher Sebastian McJetters. He speaks with us on the connections between animal liberation and black liberation, on the human rights issues faced by slaughterhouse workers, on how to make veganism and animal rights activism more accessible to marginalized groups, and on his own journey to a vegan lifestyle and to activism.

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