Animal Rights Lawyer Anna Pippus on the Lilydale Chicken Investigation

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Animal Cruelty on BC Chicken Farms Exposed by Mercy For Animals

Anna Pippus MTCAS

Anna Pippus at the March To Close All Slaughterhouses. Photo by Carson Au

Vegan Animal Rights Lawyer, Anna Pippus weighs in on the recent  Mercy For Animals undercover investigation of a local chicken catching company (Elite Farm Services) contracted out by Lilydale Chicken. The undercover video (shown below) shows workers ripping the wings and heads off of the birds, using the chickens’ bodies to mimmic sex acts, throwing, kicking and deliberately stepping on the birds, and violently throwing them into transport crates before slamming the drawers closed on their necks and wings as the birds tried to escape.

While these undercover investigations often expose unnecessary and illegal animal cruelty, much of what is legally done to farmed animals is equally as sadistic, even for the SPCA-certified “humane” animal products.

As the Director of Farmed Animal Advocacy for Animal Justice Legislative Fund, Anna is an expert on Canadian animal welfare laws and undercover investigations, formerly holding a position as legal advisor to Mercy for Animals Canada. In this interview, Anna describes the living conditions of Canadian farmed animals, both “humane certified” and conventional, and urges the public to adopt a compassionate vegan lifestyle. If you need recipe ideas for delicious vegan meals, click here.

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