Another Cetacean Dead at the Vancouver Aquarium, and Phillip Wollen’s “Animals Should Be Off the Menu” Debate

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To start this show, we report on last weekend’s Vancouver March To Close All Slaughterhouses, which brought together over 400 animal advocates in downtown Vancouver who spoke loudly for the animals to thousands of passersby. What an event it was! And here’s a great video that summarizes the March and the powerful and inspiring speak-outs that were presented along the way:

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Gary Charbonneau, Director of Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered, on the Latest Updates on VanAqua

daisyWe were saddened to find out of yet another cetacean death at the Vancouver Aquarium this week. This time it is Daisy the Harbour Porpoise, who was “rescued” in 2008 and passed away this Thursday night at 9 years old. Also in the news this week is the announcement of the Vancouver Aquarium taking legal action against the Vancouver Park Board for its recent decision to no longer take (new) cetaceans into captivity. The Aquarium is trying to overturn this recent ban on cetaceans.

Our resident Aquarium expert Gary Charbonneau, director of the documentary film “Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered“, joins us on the show to give us the latest updates, and his insights, on this week’s Aquarium news.

Phillip Wollen, “Animals Should Be Off the Menu” Debate

There are many excellent visual resources available to those who wish to educate themselves on important issues facing our society, and this is one of them! Phillip Wollen is an Australian philanthropist, founder of Citibank, and known in the animal advocacy world as giving one of the most compelling speeches ever as to why humans should stop eating animals.

1 billion people on this Earth are hungry right now, and did you know that if we reduced meat consumption by even 10% that we could feed 100 million people?! This is just one of many facts shared in this 11 minute video/speech, and we encourage you to listen!

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