Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary’s Enormous Rescue and Increased Pressure by Activists at Vancouver Park Board Meetings

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Mass Relocation of Orphaned Birds From World Parrot Refuge by Greyhaven Bird Sanctuary

Barney, the cockatoo

584 exotic birds have been relocated from the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs BC, which is possibly the largest animal rescue in North America.  The owner of the island refuge, Wendy Huntbach passed away, several board members resigned and funding dried up. The  birds were suffering due to overcrowding, rat infestations, self-mutilation, injuries due to fighting and were generally very ill and desperately needing veterinary care.

Unfortunately, there were no plans for succession in place at the Island’s World Parrot Refuge, and last summer the SPCA stepped in and gave a deadline for the birds to be given veterinary care and proper living conditions. Surrey-based Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary stepped in to take on the task of relocating, caring for and finding fosters and permanent homes for all of the birds. Costs to date have reached $800,000 and many birds still need “forever” homes that can provide them with the space and loving attention that they need and deserve.

Join us for an interview with local author, environmentalist, animal rights activist and vegan advocate, Dr. Patricia Tallman, who has taken an interest in helping the birds, and has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with the gargantuan medical bills and ongoing expenses. She also has some endearing stories to share of the birds she’s come to know, which illustrate  the emotional capability, unique individual personalities, and intelligence of birds.

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‘Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered’ Film Maker Gary Charbonneau on the Future of Captivity

john nightmare

This winter, animal rights advocates have been increasing pressure on the Vancouver Aquarium, the public, and the Park Board who leases land to the aquarium. Peaceful public education demonstrations have been held at the aquarium on numerous weekends, and activists have packed the Park Board meetings, holding signs, and once being allowed five minutes to speak on behalf of captive  cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium.

In today’s feature interview, we speak to local film maker, Gary Charbonneau (Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered, 2015).

What role do the Park Board commissioners play in this controversial and ethical issue? There is a conflict of interest that needs to be addressed with one of the commissioners; Sarah Kirby-Yung held the position of Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the aquarium from 2008-2010 and lists the aquarium as an employment reference on her current website. Two former Park Board commissioners feel that she should resign, as her email communications reveal that she takes the position of defending the aquarium “as though she never left that job” says Sarah Blyth, former Park Board commissioner.

Find out what simple and quick things you can do to help the captive animals at the Vancouver Aquarium and join us for a discussion about why this is such a frustratingly complicated effort for those who want justice and freedom for these wild, sentient beings.


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Activists Jen Dobell and Geoff Regier present Vancouver Aquarium’s lease agreement to some good-natured police officers in order to settle chronic property line disputes at the facility.

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