Exposing the Cruelty of Canada Goose Jackets and Canada’s Inadequate Animal Welfare Laws

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Animal Justice Lawyer, Camille Labchuk on the Fur Industry, Bill C-246 and Legal Protection for Activists


Animal Justice’s Camille Labchuk, photo by Nick Wong

Many people are surprised to learn that Canada has some of the worst animal protection legislation amongst developed countries. Tune in as we discuss how our laws apply to animals used in the fur trade, namely the coyotes whose fur is used as trim on the ubiquitous Canada Goose jackets. Animal Law lawyer, Camille Labchuk (Animal Justice Legal Defense Fund) joins us for a discussion about last year’s complaint filed with the Competition Bureau against Canada Goose for its false advertising claims that the coyotes are “humanely killed”.

Camille also offers her legal perspective on the recently defeated Bill C-246 (modernizing the animal protections act), and the recent decision by the B.C. Court of Appeal to allow Animal Justice to intervene in a lawsuit filed by the Vancouver Aquarium against local filmmaker, Gary Charbonneau (Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered documentary, 2015).

We discuss what this could mean for the future legal protection of filmmakers, whistle-blowers and animal rights advocates who take risks to speak out for animals. You can be part of the solution as a voter by visiting the Humane Voters Canada website.

Fur Bearers’ Adrian Nelson Aims to Make Fur History


Canada Goose jacket with coyote trim

Communications Director, Adrian Nelson has worked with the Association of Fur Bearing Animals here in Vancouver for seven years. He joins us for a discussion about the advocacy work of the Fur Bearers, the horrific environmental impact of fur production, effective strategies for activists, the use of cat and dog fur in Canada which is often mislabeled as “fake fur”, and gives his opinion on the oh-so-trendy, coyote fur-trimmed Canada Goose jackets.

Tune in to learn about upcoming fundraising events which are put on by the Fur Bearers and to find out what you can do to help these innocent victims of the fashion industry.

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