The Vegan Dating Show: Tindervism, and Navigating the World of Dating as an Ethical Vegan

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Happy Valentine’s week! Welcome to the Vegan Dating Show.

To start the show, we discuss the event of the white “spirit animal” moose that was killed this week in Nova Scotia by hunters, and what it means to personify an individual animal who is murdered as opposed to the thousands of mass animals that are slaughtered on a daily basis.

Navigating the World of Dating as an Ethical Vegan: A Discussion

cliparti1_two-hearts_03Dating in itself doesn’t necessarily come with a how-to guide detailing exactly what steps to take for positive results, so when you throw your strong ethical beliefs into the mix, how is a vegan to successfully navigate the world of dating in a non-vegan world? We may not have all the answers, but we can share our thoughts and advice via our own experiences in this round table discussion.

In this segment we speak about:

  • places to meet people, online and off
  • how to “break the news” that you’re vegan
  • our experiences dating as vegans – the good and the bad!
  • vegansexuality – why or why not to date non-vegans
  • strategies for planning a positive date with a non-vegan
  • advice for meat-eaters on how to impress your vegan date

Join the Animal Voices hosts in this lively discussion where we bear all to share our knowledge and advice to help guide your way to some positive experiences in the realm of dating as a vegan!

Local Activist, Jenny and her Online Dating Activism aka “Tindervism”

jendobellOur feature interview is with local Vancouver activist Jenny. As a self-described “vegan/animal/social activist” who partakes in the world of online dating, she is looking for the man of her dreams who also shares her ethics in social awareness issues.

This is where her online animal rights activism comes in, or “Tindervism”, as she calls it. She makes it her mission to convey the message of compassion and veganism in a positive manner to her dates, so that they may find some common ground and, hopefully, compatibility for future dates to come.

In this interview, she speaks to us about her philosophies regarding “Tindervism” and shares some of her experiences with how she has, on many occasions, positively influenced her dates in shaping their views on animal rights issues.

Here are some examples of some of her text messages (identities hidden) for you to peruse!


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