An Activist’s Quest to Veganize the World (Part 2)

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Almira Tanner

To start the show, our roving special correspondent Leanna Pickard brings us a review of her recent experience at The Herbivorous Butcher. It’s America’s first vegan “butcher” shop, and it opened just a few weeks ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Then we chat with special in-studio guest and local animal activist Almira Tanner, to speak about all things activism and what she is up to these days with regards to the various outreach events that she organizes on a weekly basis, to foster community and to bring awareness to various current issues surrounding animal exploitation. She tells us about some of her upcoming events to be aware of with the local chapter of Direct Action Everywhere that she leads.

Caroline Carnerie, An Activist’s Quest to Veganize the World (Part 2)

carolineLast month, we spoke with guest co-host Caroline Carnerie in Part 1 of this two part interview about her story of what led her to become a vegan and ardent animal rights activist.

In Part 2, we continue the storytelling and discussion and talk to her about her life’s mission to spread the message of compassion and animal rights issues to every person in her life. Her goal is to “veganize” all those in her social circle, one individual at a time, and in this interview, she talks to us about the various methods and strategies she uses to achieve this goal. We also make a special live phone call to a friend in her life to ask her if she’s ready to make the change in her life. (and you may be surprised at what the response is!)

She also tells us of success stories of those who have transformed from “pre”-ganism to veganism, and now how they are changing the world for animals!

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