An Activist’s Quest to Veganize the World (Part 1), and A Pig’s Journey from Birth to Slaughter

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To start the show, we first chat about some of our favorite veg restaurants in town and address the dilemma of whether or not we should be supporting just veg restaurants, or also those who serve meat with vegan options.

A Pig’s Journey from Birth to Slaughter

Animal rights activist and artist, Emily Moran Barwick is the creator of Bite Size Vegan. This week, she sent us a gripping 6 minute video that she created, illustrating (literally, through her own hand drawings) and narrating the life cycle of a farmed pig. It’s an extremely touching and also heart-wrenching video, and deserves to be shared:

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This is the third installment in her “Draw My Life” video series in which she utilizes the popular social media tag to tell the stories of animals trapped in the food industry from their perspective.  Barwick produces weekly educational videos on a wide-range of vegan topics including animal rights issues, the environmental impact of animal agriculture, the health benefits of a vegan diet, and more.

This video touches on the good work of Toronto Pig Save, those who stand vigil as the transportation trucks pass by filled with pigs on their way to slaughter, enduring the terrible conditions of extreme heat, cold, and crowding. We also share our thoughts about the video, and how media such as this can get through to people to show the truth in a gentler, but still compelling, manner.

Caroline Carnerie, One Activist’s Goal to Make the World a Better Place for the Animals (Part 1)

meandcheffyFor our second main segment, we have new co-host Caroline Carnerie on the show who is an ardent animal activist who wants to… veganize the world! Or, at least, that is to say that she’s made it her mission to assiduously educate and encourage the people among her social circle of friends to know everything they need to know to go vegan, until they do make that lifestyle change.

For Part 1 of this segment (to be continued at a later date), we first start by hearing Caroline’s story of how she went vegan as a child in the 4H program, after visiting a slaughterhouse on a “field” trip and seeing before her eyes the realities of how animals are killed to get to one’s plate. She describes what she witnessed on the kill floor, and how this experience changed her life forever.



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