The Vegan Zombie crew talk zom-noms and the Vancouver Humane Society shares tips for keeping companion animals safe for Halloween

This show will air live on Friday, October 31th, 2014 on 100.5 FM CFRO on unceded Coast Salish Territories in Vancouver, B.C. and will also stream live via The podcast of the show will be posted here shortly after airing, so please check back soon!

Today's feature interview is with Chris Cooney and Jon Tedd of The Vegan Zombie.

Today’s feature interview is with Chris Cooney and Jon Tedd of The Vegan Zombie.

In this episode, we talk to Chris Cooney and Jon Tedd, mastermind and star of the popular Vegan Zombie Youtube Channel, which boasts nearly 60,000 subscribers. Chris explains how he came up with the idea and what his initial goals were when they launched the channel five years ago. As Jon puts it, the “2 month” project he thought he’d signed on for has become so much more, seeing the duo publish their first cookbook/graphic novel combo using Kickstarter and traveling the world spreading the message of veganism in a fun way. This interview is sure to inspire you to take your own passions (Chris’s was making videos, which he taught himself how to do) and put them to work for the animals — you just never know what tricks that turn out to be treats life might have in store for you if you do!

In the last quarter of the show, we hear from the Vancouver Humane Society’s Emily Pickett about how to keep companion animals safe from any tricksters out there on Halloween tonight. All the fireworks, trick-or-treaters and even sinister intentions targeting cats, dogs or other non-human animals can put furry friends at risk of flight, fright or injury, so hopefully Pickett’s tips will make Halloween as sweet as can be for boys and ghouls of all kinds.

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Here’s a Vegan Zombie video of how to make an Egg Trick Muffin, as popularized by Strong Hearts CafĂ© in Syracuse, N.Y. Seems like a delicious way to gear up for All Hallow’s Eve (or maybe recover from it the next morning!) if you ask me!

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