A Happy Ending for Lucy, the Goose; Melissa Balfour on The New Veganminster Project

A Happy Ending for Lucy, the Goose

If you saw a baby bird alone on a gravel road baking in the hot sun, what would you do? Would you step on her? Believe it or not, that’s what conservation officers told Diane Vander Weil she should have done instead of rescuing and rehabilitating the abandoned bird. Diane’s story made local & national headlines when Lucy, a Canada Goose, was taken from Diane’s home, in Fort St. James, BC, by federal wildlife officials 2 weeks ago.  We’ll hear from Diane about the ordeal and about Lucy’s return home.

Melissa Balfour on The New Veganminster Project

Animal Voices loves to highlight local vegan superstars and activists. For our feature interview, we touch base with Melissa Balfour, creator of The New Veganminster Project and past recipient of BC SPCA’s Program of Excellence Award.

Do you have a healthy taste for international travel and a hearty sense of adventure? Perhaps The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen: 150 Plant-Based Recipes From Around the World is for you! Alison Cole cooks for her co-hosts and presents her review of the new cookbook. Check out The Healthy Voyager website which offers loads of tasty tips on vegan dining worldwide.

Alissa Raye also talks about her experience at Vancouver premiere of the documentary Vegucated and we discuss what makes this an effective animal advocacy film.

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