Love, Sex… & Veganism: Dating with the Animals in Mind; and Scotlund Haisley, Animal Rescue Corps

Your Animal Voices co-hosts at the Vegan Prom! (L to R: Alissa, Alison, & Tara)

In this episode, we start with a review of Vancouver’s inaugural Vegan Prom, which was held two weeks ago, and which the Animal Voices crew attended (see photo to the left for proof!). We’ll talk about the great time that was had by all at this much-applauded event.

And then we present a review and discussion of last Thursday’s Vancouver lecture event entitled “Understanding the Animals in Your Life: A Special Evening with Dr. Temple Grandin.” Temple Grandin is one of the world’s leading authorities in animal welfare, and a controversial subject as such, and we discuss our thoughts on this.

Love, Sex… & Veganism: Dating with the Animals in Mind

As most of us come to find out, it’s the social aspect of veganism that is the most challenging, and not the food! On today’s show, we discuss tips for v*gans on navigating the dating realm. Alissa will offer suggestions on how to frame animal ethics to potential lovers and encourage our partners to make the connection. We ponder whether or not vegans and non-vegans can live happily ever after, tell you about awesome vegan safer sex products, and answer the question “just what is a vegansexual?”

Scotlund Haisley, Animal Rescue Corps

Today’s feature interview is with Scotlund Haisley, who is the Founder and President of the non-profit animal protection organization Animal Rescue Corps. Animal Rescue Corps’ mission is to end animal suffering through direct and compassionate action, and to inspire the highest ethical standards of humanity towards animals.

And currently, Scotlund and his team are doing so, as they have field teams on the ground in Northern Québec at this time, implementing a precedent-setting humane solution to the roaming dog problem faced by one Native community. Scotlund is here to talk to us today about this major dog rescue operation, Operation Anishnabe, as well as some of the other work that ARC has been involved with.

Here is a short video that depicts the work of ARC at Operation Anishnabe:

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