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The Meatout Show: Michael Weber, FARM; & Paul Shapiro, Vice-President of Farm Animal Protection, HSUS

The Meatout Show: we chat about our own experiences in cutting out meat, plus last weekend’s Vegan Prom; plus an interview with FARM Executive Director Michael Weber on the Meatout 2013 campaign; and a feature interview with HSUS Vice-President of Farm Animal Protection Paul Shapiro on various current “meatout” topics in the news, from ag-gag, to the trend of falling meat consumption, to Meatless Mondays, to the societal disgust of eating horse meat.

Steven Wise, The Nonhuman Rights Project; & Melissa Balfour, Vancouver Vegan Prom

Recap of Vancouver Animal Advocacy Camp; animals in non-science university education; an interview with Melissa Balfour on the Vancouver Vegan Prom; and a feature interview with Dr. Steven Wise, President of The Nonhuman Rights Project.