Janice Skoreyko, Raw Food Foundation; & Fur Tails, Feather Earrings… What’s So Hip About Cruelty?

In this episode, we give you an update on Chicklett Chicken-Hillman, the broiler chicken who was rescued by 16-year old Whitney Hillman last fall. It was an amazing story and we featured Whitney on our November 5th, 2010 show, which can be downloaded from our website here.

Then Alison gives a review of the “Intro to Raw: 5 Ingredients and 5 Minutes” class that she took last week at the Raw Foundation Culinary Arts and Nutrition Institute, taught by raw chef and certified nutritionist Janice Skoreyko. Discover the multitude of culinary uncooked delights that she was taught to make, as well as her honest assessment of taking this class as a way to learn more and delve into the world of compassionate raw cuisine.

Fur Tails, Feather Earrings… What’s So Hip About Cruelty?

Alissa presents this segment about the recent trend of so-called fashionistas donning the likes of feather earrings, leather moccasins, feather extensions, and those silly-looking and cruel fur tails. What’s so hip about the cruelty of so gratuitiously wearing these animal body parts all in the name of fashion? Alissa examines the fad and the animal cruelty issues surrounding the various uses of these animal pieces to look “hip”.

Check out this latest news piece in the media that describes the trend of rooster feathers being used for women’s hair extensions.

Janice Skoreyko, Raw Food Foundation Culinary Arts and Nutrition Institute

Alison presents a feature interview with Janice Skoreyko, who is the founder of the RAW Foundation Culinary Arts and Nutrition Institute, which is Canada’s leading raw and living food culinary school, located in Vancouver, Coquitlam, and Northern Sweden. Janice is a well respected Natural Health Educator, Certified Nutritionist and RAW Food Chef, as well as a member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Empowered to share her knowledge, from studying around the globe in search of answers enabling her to heal from 5 incurable illnesses, she now teaches the skills which led her to improve her quality of life to individuals in both North America and Asia. She is devoted to educating on the benefits of a plant-based diet, and inspiring and empowering both home and professional chefs to prepare delicious, raw and living foods with ease.

In this interview, Janice speaks about raw vegan nutrition and everything you need to know about living the raw vegan lifestyle. She also talk about how to prepare delicious and uncooked plant-based foods with ease, and why one should embrace the raw vegan way of compassionate living.

Check out this video of Janice demonstrating how to make a delicious raw Energy Elixir:

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