Teen activist Whitney Hillman, and Stop UBC Animal Research

To start the show, we discuss one of the items featured in Vancouver Magazine’s annual Holiday Gift Guide: a “piggybank” made out of a real dead piglet! The Vancouver Humane Society calls this a “particularly callous and demeaning exploitation of a baby animal’s dead body” and declares that it “It trivializes the life (and death) of a sentient being.” We have some thoughts to share on the subject as well. If you would like to let Vancouver Magazine know what you think of featuring this item in their gift guide, letters to the editor can be sent to: mail@vancouvermagazine.com or mailed to:

2608 Granville St., Suite 560
Vancouver, BC V6H 3V3
Or phone: (604) 877-7732
Or fax: (604) 877-4848

The original sale ad for this piggybank can be found at this website here.

Whitney Hillman, Kansas teen animal activist

16 year old Whitney Hillman is the Kansas teen who stood up for herself and said “no” to slaughtering and eating her pet chicken, named Chicklett, who she had raised from birth as a class project in her high school Animal Science and Food Production class in Concordia, Kansas.

She shares her inspirational story with us, and talks about raising Chicklett from a baby chick in her class, the rescue, her views on raising animals for food since having Chicklett, and her advice to teens like herself who may also want to have a voice to speak up for the animals, but don’t know how to start. Whitney is a heroine for the animals and a role model for her peers.

The non-profit organization United Poultry Concerns is asking Concordia High School in Concordia, Kansas, to discontinue the chicken killing program, as well as reject any plans to institute similar programs to raise and kill other animals in the future. You can contact Concordia High School Administrators to ask them to permanently eliminate the slaughter of animals from the school’s curriculum by snail mailing or e-mailing them at the addresses below:

Gregg Errebo, Principal
Corey Isbell, Assistant Principal
Unified School District 333
Concordia Junior/Senior High School
436 W. 10th Street
Concordia, KS 66901
Via Email: gregg.errebo@usd333.com, corey.isbell@usd333.com

Bev Mortimer, School Superintendent
Unified School District 333 Board of Education
217 W. 7th Street
Concordia, KS 66901
Via Email: bev.mortimer@usd333.com

Here is an NBC television news story that aired Whitney’s story:

Stop UBC Animal Research – Update

We speak with Brian Vincent and Annette Parkes of Stop UBC Animal Research. Stop UBC Animal Research is is a community-based campaign that employs peaceful and compassionate approaches to educate the public about the grim realities of research on animals at the University of British Columbia and to ultimately bring about an end to research on animals at UBC. We last heard from STOP two months ago when the campaign first broke to the media, and lots has happened since then, including a “nearly naked” live downtown demonstration and a website spawned by UBC in response to all of the media attention this campaign has been receiving. Brian and Annette give us an update on the campaign’s latest activities and subsequent responses from the university.

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