Bonnie Dawson, Action for the Protection of Northern Animals, and a Green Beings CD giveaway

In this episode, we start with a review of the much anticipated film “Forks Over Knives“, which made its screening début in Vancouver last night, and Carissa and Alissa were most fortunate to be able to attend. They tell us their impressions of the film.

Bonnie Dawson, Action for the Protection of Northern Animals, on the NWT Dog Act & the treatment of animals in the North

For our feature interview, we have Bonnie Dawson on the show from the organization Action for the Protection of Northern Animals, which is dedicated to the welfare of animals who continue to suffer horrifically in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Bonnie speaks with us about the plight of the dogs in the north and a dangerous loophole that exists in the new NWT Dog Act, which is being reviewed this month. In the northern Canada, it is commonplace for humans to leave their domesticated dogs outside unsheltered in -40 degree weather and to commit other abuses against them that would be unfathomable to most people, and Bonnie sheds light on underlying reasons behind this issue.

To help get this amended Dog Act put through, you can simply take a few minutes to sign this petition that will be sent to the government MLAs of the Northwest Territories. Also, for more and updated information on this issue, please visit Bonnie’s blog at

Neil D’Cruze, World Society for the Protection of Animals, on the Dancing Bear Trade in India

Unfortunately, due to telecommunications problems, this live interview had to be cancelled at the last minute. We will be rescheduling Neil to come on the show in the near future.

Green Beings CD contest!

So what happens when we are unable to get through to a scheduled interviewee when we’re live on the air? Evidentally, we play some songs and then do a contest giveaway! (there was a good chunk of impromptu and interesting banter on a few pertinent animal issues as well, which I encourage you to check out.) We played a few songs from our house Green Beings music CD “Electric Green”, and then announced that we would be doing a contest giveaway for a copy of this cd to help make up for our lack of 2nd interview. How’s that for an offering?! 

Green Beings is an eco-veggie-conscious-pop band, writing and performing humorous and incisive songs about responsible food choices and the environment. Vegans, vegetarians, locavores, flexitarians, and environmentalists are grooving to the sustainable, climate-friendly, carbon-neutral, non-toxic, low-impact, locally-sourced, socially-conscious, cruelty-free songs of Green Beings.

To be eligible to enter our contest to win a free copy of this cd, you must not have won anything from us in the last year, and you must be able to pick up the cd at our radio station in downtown Vancouver. All you have to do is either go on our Facebook page “Animal Voices Vancouver” and enter in the appropriate thread under the “Discussions” tab, or if you’re not on Facebook, then just send us an email at to enter. Deadline for entries is Friday, February 4th, 2011 at 9am PST, and we will do the draw on our show that day at noon. Good luck!

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