Evan McGraw, Champs Family Bakery & Andrew Butler, dog meat campaign

On this week’s show Joanne will be interviewing artist and vegan baker Evan McGraw.  Evan is the head baker at Champs Family Bakery, the newest and the only vegan bakery in Brooklyn.  Evan’s baked goods can be seen on his blog

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll at Champs

Our feature interview is with Andrew Butler of Animal Aid UK.  Andrew has been touring to various farmers markets around UK to set up a booth promoting the selling and eating of free ranged dog meat.  Chihuahua steak anyone?  This shocking dog meat display is a very creative way to attract attention and conversation regarding the ethics of eating meat.  If it’s considered humane to eat free ranged animals, would it be humane to eat a free ranged golden retriever?

Trailer selling free ranged dog meat

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