New Year’s Resolutions: Go Veg!; & Jennifer Jamal, Karmavore The Vegan Store

On this week’s show, we will be discussing New Years Resolutions and talking about going vegetarian or vegan for the New Year. Not only is the year coming to a close, but so is Joanne’s time with Animal Voices, and we bid her a fond farewell on this, her last official co-hosting show.

Before she leaves, though, we get the chance to hear about how Joanne came to be vegan. All three of your co-hosts will be sharing our transition stories of how we came to be vegan, and we’ll also speaking with Nadia Fresolone of Omega Creations about her transition story and what she’s been cooking up to since Carissa last saw her.

The theme of this week’s show (going veg as a resolution for New Year’s) leads us to Jennifer Jamal, Director of Sales at Karmavore The Vegan Store, who is sure to get you hungry for with details of all you can find in store to help you explore veganism further (including vegan soft serve ice cream)!

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