CCTV in UK Slaughterhouses, and GoVeganNow bus ad campaign

We start the show with Carissa speaking about kittens, puppies and other pets being sold at Pet Habitat and other pet stores for this coming holiday season.

Michele Alley-Grubb, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, on Vancouver bus ad campaign

Peaceful Prairie is a non-profit organization that provides safe, loving and permanent homes for rescued farm animals, as well as promotes vegan living as the most effective way to reduce the suffering and exploitation of animals. And in doing so, Peaceful Prairie has made a leap out to here in Vancouver, Canada recently, as they are responsible for the GoVeganNow bus ads that have been seen popping up on public transit busses around the city for over a month now, and are continuing on until December. Michele Alley-Grubb, one of the founders of Peaceful Prairie, speaks to us about this campaign, and some of the other outreach and animal rescue work that Peaceful Prairie is in engaged in.

Another one of Peaceful Prairie’s campaigns that is super easy for anyone to carry out themselves is by putting one of their many beautiful email signature “billboards” in your emails, and those can all be found here.

Kate Fowler, Animal Aid, on CCTV in UK Slaughterhouses

For our feature interview, we have Kate Fowler on the show, who is the Head of Campaigns of the UK organization Animal Aid. Animal Aid is the UK’s largest animal rights group and one of the longest established in the world, having been founded in 1977. Animal Aid campaigns peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle. It investigates and exposes animal cruelty, and its undercover investigations and other evidence are often used by the media, bringing these issues to public attention.

One of these issues that has recently been brought to light is Animal Aid’s campaign in which they are calling for closed circuit television to be installed in all UK slaughterhouses and for the footage to be made available to independent parties outside of the slaughterhouse. Kate speaks us about this campaign, and some of the undercover investigations that were conducted that led to the calling for cameras in all slaughterhouses.

Animal Aid has published a 19-page report entitled “Behind Closed Doors” detailing the findings of its British slaughterhouse investigations, which can be read here.

A 4-minute video of some of Animal Aid’s slaughterhouse footage can be seen here:

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