Animal Freedom Day, and an end to dolphins and whales in captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium?

In this episode, Joanne talks about Vancouver’s goal to be the “greenest city by 2020” and how YOU can contribute by voting for “Encourage vegan options for all!”. We then speak to Janos Maté of the local organization Whale Friends on the pending plebiscite that may be put forth in the 2011 City of Vancouver election. Plus, a feature interview with 18-year old filmmaker and animal activist Nadia Masoudi on Animal Freedom Day, a global event which happens on July 24th!

Freeing whales and dolphins in captivity in Vancouver

Our first interview is with Janos Maté, who is the founder of Whale Friends, a local activist network which is campaigning to phase out the incarceration of whales and dolphins at the Vancouver Aquarium. On Monday, July 19th, a motion will be put before the Vancouver park board at its meeting seeking approval for a plebiscite to be put forth during the 2011 Vancouver civic elections asking the public if they are in favour of phasing out existing cetacean exhibits and ending future ( further) containment of cetaceans on land leased by the Vancouver park board. If the Park Board votes “yes” in this motion, it will present a unique opportunity for the citizens of Vancouver to formally voice their opinions on keeping whales and dolphins in captivity.

The public has the right to speak to the motion. Those interested can sign on to the speaker’s list until noon on July 19th by phoning Sharla Hay at 604-257-8452.

To add to recent events this year that have raised cause for concern among the public on the issue of keeping marine mammals in captivity, just last week at an aquarium in Japan, a dolphin literally lept out of his tank in front of a full audience of people! Video footage of this horrifying event can be seen here:

Animal Freedom Day

For our feature interview, we speak with 18-year old film maker and animal activist Nadia Masoudi, who hails from Hamilton, Ontario. It is her goal to become an advocate leader for animal rights and one of her endeavours is Animal Freedom Day, which is a global event to be held this July 24th, and aims to raise awareness about the need for animal rights in every society and to create positive solutions for the protection of animals. Nadia is also the producer and director of a new documentary film called “Don’t Eat Me”. We speak to her about both of these exciting and ambitious projects!
Animal Freedom Day

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